FIDE Online Chess Olympiad 2021

FIDE is happy to announce the 2nd FIDE Online Olympiad which will take place from August 13 to September 15 2021.

The Regulations for the FIDE Online Olympiad 2021 can be found here. The Online Olympiad will be held on

Japan would like to register a team. A team consists of 6 main players (consisting of at least 2 women, at least 1 player U-20 (born in 2001 or later) and at least 1 girl U-20 (born in 2001 or later) plus up to 6 reserve players (2 open, 2 women, 1 U20 Open, 1 U20 Girl) plus a team captain.

  Japan would like to take this opportunity as a stepping stone for next year’s Olympiad. The players to be selected for the Online Olympiad are based on the following:
Their membership status (only full time active NCS members are eligible)
FIDE:NCS rating = 5:5
Their status with Japan Chess Federation (Players who have been playing under the Japanese flag for FIDE for the past 2 years)
Their active status in NCS (played in more than 4 NCS standard tournaments in the last 3 years or participated in NCS online rapid tournaments in the past year)
*Above is as of July 16th 2021

  Even though this is held online, it is one of the biggest tournaments hosted by FIDE this year. We hope to have a strong team from Japan to participate and advance to higher DIVISIONS!

NCS will contact qualified members in the next week. The players will be selected based on the ranking.

National Chess Society of Japan (Japan Chess Federation)