Japan Chess Classic 2024 Live Broadcast

Japan Chess Classic 2024, held from July 13 (Sat) to 16 (Tue), will be livestreamed on the Japan Chess Federation YouTube channel.

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  Japan Chess Federation YouTube Channel


The livestream will also feature live commentary by top players.

We look forward to your viewership and comments!

*Live commentary is scheduled to start approximately 30 minutes after the start of each round.

*The live commentary will be conducted in Japanese only.


【Round 1】10:50, July 13 (Sat)

Commentator: Yonemitsu Kohei, Interviewer: Hirao Satoshi



【Round 2】16:00, July 13 (Sat)

Commentator: Matsumura Cocoro, Interviewer: Hirao Satoshi



【Round 3】9:30, July 14 (Sun)

Commentator: Maeshima Hiroaki, Interviewer: Moriyasu Yuichiro



【Round 4】15:00, July 14 (Sun)

Commentator: Maeshima Hiroaki, Interviewer: Matsuyama Koya



【Round 5】9:30, July 15 (Mon)

Commentator: Shiomi Ryo, Interviewer: Katsuta Yuki



【Round 6】15:00, July 15 (Mon)

Commentator: Kuwata Susumu, Interviewer: Katsuta Yuki



【Round 7】9:30, July 16 (Tue)

Commentator: Kuwata Susumu, Interviewer: Shinoda Taro



【Closing Ceremony】15:00, July 16 (Tue)



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